Mourinho because he special

Mourinho might not call himself the special one anymore but that first press conference was a classic. He’s coached soccer at different programs but you have to believe that he truly loves Chelsea. Here is a good video that actually is from CNN on Mourinho.


Cruyff or Cruijff videos

Depending if you are Dutch or not the version of Johan Cruyff name is produced. Either way you have to say that he helped spread the word on playing “Total Football”. His footprint is all over Barcelona soccer team although they took the possession game to another level that I think he might not have coached. Here are a series of Cruyff videos that you can find on Youtube.





FourFourTwo Coerver ball mastery video

The Coerver soccer training program is well know for developing players individual ball skills. they smartly use it as the foundation to build out from there. Here is a video that helps individual skill that was produced along with the folks at Four Four Two magazine.

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